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Sex Panther

2000 words worth of pictures…cuz my thumbs are lazy today. Miles to go before I…have my next beer.


Ghost Reducer IPA

A tasty 6% hazy IPA from Automatic Brewing at Tiger!Tiger! 6th anniversary celebration.  Pale malt body,  mild bitterness, tropical/citrus flavors.


Automatic Flying Ace IPA

At Tiger!Tiger!  Good, but tastes more like a pale ale to me….but that could be because my last beer was a 9% Belgian double IPA.  At 5.5% it goes down easy.


Automatic Brewing Beers at Tiger!Tiger!

The lady chose Gigantic Super Duper, a berlinerweiss inspired light sour, served in the big boy glass, and I got The Darkest Thing You Have, a 10% ABV whiskey barrel aged imperial stout… perfect for a mid bike ride beverage (kinda like Silva Stout).


Automatic Brewing Stout One

Too late for this much coffee in my beer, but it is so, so good! An Oatmeal Stout brewed with toasted coconut and coffee from The Coffee and Tea Collective for the @tigertigertav 1st anniversary! Great beer! Just can’t believe it has only been one year, as we have been here so many times! Big […]


Coffee Beers at Tiger!Tiger!

This afternoon Tiger!Tiger is having “Order by Aroma”.  Yep, no lists of beers to look at, just glasses for you to sniff. We knew that they had coffee beer flights for brunch and were glad to “smell” that they still some to taste. She chose #8 and I had #15. #15 was Hop Jitters Coffee […]


11/11/11 A11AGASH at Tiger!Tiger!

After the delightful Allagash Confluence, Interlude, and Victoria, Jen and Lee had us talked into the BLAH/Alpine Downhill Biking event on Sunday…. Will it rain??? Thx Mr Sushi for the “flashlighting” effects.


Tiger! Tiger!

Typing that I am entering Tiger! Tiger!’s Super Ultra-Soft Open may sound like an act of beastiality, but I assure is not.  I came to enjoy myself and brought a date…or..she brought me.  Maybe that does nothing to assure you. We came for the beer and decided on an Alpine W.H. Ale,their wet hop […]