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Old-ass Simtra TIPA

11.25% ABV, 131 IBUs, and with a malty backbone. Considering the can is dated 2/12/21 it has…

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Phuture III

10% TDH Hazy TIPA collaboration from North Park, Pure Project and Harland.  Snif, snif….tropical notes of melon…

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Snailiens TIPA

9.5% TIPA made in the hazy style from Burley Oak Brewing in collaboration with Tripping Animals Brewing.

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Pure Tasters

L to R – Labyrinth Within, Crimson Lotus and Worlds Away…yum.

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El Segundo Power Plant TIPA

A nicely crafted 11.1% ABV triple IPA from the fine folks a couple hours north.  Though the…