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Drive Thru Red

“Debbie’s Yeasty Red Vagina Ale” was unfortunately not chosen for the name of the beer brewed to celebrate a friends birthday. I blame myself. I did not generate and submit the artwork for the beer label for consideration. Be that as it may, I feel a bottle of the brew was accidentally slipped into the […]


TJ’s 2019 Vintage Spiced Ale

Trader Joe’s 2019 Vintage Spiced Ale is just as I recall from a few years ago. It doesn’t really have the dark malty sweetness I would hope for. The finish is dry with more spice than I care for. I believe if finish was more sweet the spice may be more appealing.


Joe-Joe’s Cookie Stout

Some Ho Ho Ho to go.   Sweet roasted malts, with a hint of vanilla, up front.  Mildly bitter finish…seems more roasty bitterness and not a hop bitterness.  Flavor/mouth feel is like a milk stout.  At 6% ABV is like a light pastry stout I kept sipping and sipping…until it disappeared.  I enjoyed it.


Quinquagenary Ale

I was quite pleased with Trader Joes 2017 Vintage Ale.  I don’t recall enjoying some of the previous years versions as much.  Let it warm in the glass a bit to get the most of the sweet malt character.  Dangerously  smooth and easy to sip for a 9% ABV beverage.


Tap 79 Double IPA 

An ok 8% ABV double IPA from Tap 79 Brewing Co., found at Trader Joes.   I am only guessing that Golden Road is brewing for them, like they were for the ol’ burro brand that came out a couple years ago.   But with the smaller can size, 12oz compared to 16oz, and being […]


Two Buck Choc

Boatswain Chocolate Stout by Rhinelander Brewing Co of Wisconsin, was a great find at Trader Joe’s for $2! Chocolatey, malty, slight hop finish, and easy drinking at 5.4% after breakfast this gloomy rainy day.