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Agreeable Folk

Trying out a new beer glass. Didn’t quite hold 16oz, but a nice gift nonetheless. Oh.. the beer was good to, a crisp west coast IPA, which I attribute more to the brewery than the glass.


Hop Fu!

It’s been a while since my last Hop Fu! Worked for me…pale malt body, piney and resinous hop flavors, with a dry finish with lingering butter. Yep…drank it and liked it. Could use another if’n we didn’t buy just one..


Pure West

A delish 6.5% ABV west coast IPA. Piney and resinous, crisp dry finish…damn good.


Rouleur Endo IPA

Pleasantly surprised by this beer. We had cycled up to Carlsbad’s Rouleur Brewing Company when they opened in the North County Igniter site along with Wiseguys. I don’t recall enjoying any of their IPA selections as much as I’m liking this one. Drinking right out of the decanter. A fine example of a west coast […]


Love California

A piney 7% unfiltered west coast IPA with a somewhat dry finish, from the fine folks at Automatic Brewing. Would pair well with one of BLAH’s autumn squash pizzas…mmm.


El Segundo Mayberry IPA

Chose over Firestone Luponic Distortion, and it was a close call between this and Three Weavers Expatriate…but happy with my choice.