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All Good Days

Yummy. Citrus up front and through, with more juicy finish than most WCIPAs. All the rest is on the pic.. ‘cept 6.7% ABV.


Psychic Advisor

A delish 8.6% ABV DIPA made in the west-coast style, from SLO’s There Does Not Exist. The nose is sweet with notes of citrus, melon and pineapple. Flavor does not disappoint, with lingering dry finish… just enough to encourage another sip.


Community Guidelines

A nice treat after a day of working around the house. Quite tasty DDH west coast style IPA from North Park Beer Co.



Been lovin North Park’s Hop-Fu! recently. I feel it is replenishing missing or depleted.. minerals maybe, or components, of my initial make-up.



Piney and resinous, bright with nice bitterness and clean dry finish. Just the way a west-coast IPA should be. 7.7% ABV, from Second Chance Beer.


Good ‘N Fresh

A tasty 6% ABV west coast IPA from the fine folks at Alvarado Street Brewery. Citrusy and resinous, with crisp dry finish.


Green Cheek Tasters

In the set starting at 12 o’clock is Keep em Comin, #2, clockwise Cocohut, New Adventures, and Ain’t Gettin any Deader. The single is Nelson. Quite tasty. They opened another location taking over the old Barley Forge space in Costa Mesa.



Piney and resinous with dry finish and lingering hop bitterness… just the way it’s supposed to be.


Hops Need Friends

… like malt, water and yeast? Whether trying to convey a message or just running out of beer names, I was happy with it. Piney and resinous hop nose, light body with good hop flavors and crisp dry finish.