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Time Capsule July ’14

Wild ale brewed and bottled by Big Al Brewing in Seattle, Washington.  Not funky, not oak aged, not sour but not all bad…just not great.  4.2% ABV


BFM Bon Chien

Tasty Swedish made lambic/ wild ale.  Nice mix of acid and wood flavors.   Would have never guessed 11%ABV.


Jester King Boxer’s Revenge

Found this on Brabant’s bottle list.  We had it a few years back at GABF, but didn’t enjoy it as much as we enjoyed this bottle.  A lot going on in this 10.2% barrel-aged sour wild ale. 


Cascade Elderberry Crisp Live Barrel

My favorite of our sour beer tastings at Churchill’s Pub, the day after their 3rd Annual Peter Reeves Memorial Sourfest… Glad to see a pretty good list remaining! The Elderberry was tart, fizzy, and full of body and flavor! We tried several others that we hadn’t had before… (Note: avoid “My Blueberry Nightmare”…)