Beer goes upscale in the New York Times

Jason and Todd Alström, founders of -- photo property of New York Times
Jason and Todd Alström, founders of
photo courtesy of New York Times

Guess what? Even the New York Times has figured out that there’s way way more to beer than the fizzy yellow stuff you get in the 24 packs at the gas station (which I pick up occasionally because it’s a cheap and effective snail and slug killer).

From the article:

The Web site [] is just one of the gathering spots for beer lovers — not the guys sitting in front of the tube with a six-pack of mass-market brew, but a rapidly growing body of connoisseurs who are as devoted to their chosen beverage as wine lovers are to theirs.

The article, which is focused on the Alström boys who run beeradvocate, is good but a tad inaccurate:

“As far as the vocal component on the Internet, it’s all men,” Todd Alström said. “But at beer festivals and on the social end, it’s more even.”

I believe Beer Molly would disagree with that. This is her site.

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