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Tony’s Betty Fund IPA

This one is from Figueroa Mountain Brewing @figmtnbrew and brewed for Tony Pepperoni Pizza here in so…

A glass of pilsner beer on a bar counter
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The Godfather Italian Pilsner

The Godfather Italian Pilsner is a collaboration between Karl Strauss and Societe Brewing companies. Light, refreshing with a hint of bitterness 6% ABV

A can of Mongo IPA on a table next to a glass of the beer
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Mongo Double IPA in Cans

Found Pizza Port’s Mongo DIPA 16Oz four-packs on sale for $6.99. A good deal considering that’s the cost of 1 pint at Pizza Port

A glass of Graves House IPA on a bar top
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Graves House IPA

Dropped by Tony Pepperoni’s for lunch today and had a Graves House West Coast IPA from South O Brewing in Oceanside, CA. A nice, well-balanced sub 7% IPA

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Tatonka and Hopstorm

Dropped by BJ’s brewhouse for lunch with the Mrs today. Enjoyed a Tatonka Stout on nitro and…

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Pistil Pilsner

At the opening of the new Burgeon Beer place in downtown Vista. Having a pilsner to start….

a glass of beer on a table
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Golden Coffee Stout

Golden Coffee Stout from Prohibition Brewing in Vista, CA

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Nyjah IPA

Hoppy, hazy and 7%. Very acceptable for a Tuesday afternoon.

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A Still Small Voice

An oak barrel-aged sour from Lost Abbey. Pleasantly acidic without being overwhelming. Notes of stone fruit. A…

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Burn Out the Day IPA

This is another one from Smog City Brewing (although I was not with Adam when he posted…