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a can of beer on the counter
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Grimm Anthos Hoppy Pilsner

Grimm Brewing Anthos has that light “corn chip” flavor of standard pilsner, but it’s been hopped like an IPA. Interesting.

a photo of Stone RuinTen Beer in a glass
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RuinTen by Stone Brewing (a subsidiary of Sapporro Holdings LTD)

RuinTen is the triple version of Ruination, a beer Stone’s Greg Koch admitted his girlfriend would roofie him with when she wasn’t interested in bumping uglies.

Celebration fresh hop IPA from Sierra Nevada
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Celebration 2021

Celebration fresh hopped IPA from Sierra Nevada. Perfect for the holidays. My first time having it from the can rather than glass or tap. Very tasty.

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Animation IPA

After a long-awaited return we made it back to #backstreetbrewery in #vista. Having a very hop-driven Animation…

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The Pupil

At the new Best Pizza & Brew in Vista, CA. Pretty good tap selection (even with all…

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Melvin IPA

Stopped for a beverage and a sandwich and was surprised how delightful the Melvin IPA was. Much…

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Noble Tendencies

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Stone IPA revisit

Hadn’t had one in a while. Pretty good stuff.

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Super Cluster IPA

A big citra hopped IPA from Lagunitas. Runs about 8% ABV and tastes like a big beer…

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A Delicious Friday

Enjoying a Stone #deliciousipa in a can for the first time. Not bad. One of the better…