1st Craft Brewers Festival at the San Diego County Fair

San Diego County Fair Craft Brewer’s Festival
Today we’re heading off to the San Diego County Fair for two reasons — 1) Our son has an art project in competition today, and 2) it’s the fair’s first ever Craft Brewers Festival (w00t!).

So after we’ve been to the art competition, loaded up on funnel cakes, hot dogs, and other deep fried fair delights, we’re sending the kids off break their necks on roller coasters and whoop-d-whirls while we go in and sample a few ales we’ve never tried before.

Hopefully I’ve got the “post-from-phone” plugin on this blog working again so we’ll be able to blog live right from the event. (Cross your fingers!) If not, we’ll have a full wrap-up when we get back.

Now go out there and have a great beer Saturday!


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