Port Brewing Releasing Hop 15 in Bottles

Hop 15 from Port Brewing in San Marcos - Now available in bottlesWord just came down from Moses (aka Tomme Arthur) himself that Port Brewing’s Hop 15 will be released in 22 0z. bottles this Friday, June 15th.

If you’re not familiar with the beer, it’s an Imperial IPA that gets its moniker from the fact that it’s hopped 15 times with 15 hops at 15 minute intervals during the boil. (Yes, that’s a long boil — you do the math.)

And just for good measure its dry-hopped with Simcoe and Centennial as well.

The result is a big, bold West-coast style IPA with a a big blonde head, light amber color, bold caramel-malty aroma, and great fruity kiwi, grapefruit and apricot notes without any of that weird “fresh lawn clipping” flavor you get in some intensely hopped beers. (I could make a joke about its similarity to a lot of the girls in here San Diego, but I won’t.)

Oh — and Hop 15 weighs in at around 10% ABV, so if you plow through one of those 22 oz bombers on your own you may wake up under your car in Nebraska next to your new wife’s double-wide and her pet pig. (You’ve been warned.)

Señor Arthur says this is Port Brewing’s summer seasonal IPA (the fresh hopped High Tide IPA takes its place in the fall), so if you want a few bottles of an outstanding (and ballsy) IPA, you ought to pick it up now. It’ll be available in all of Port Brewing’s usual distribution states — California, Arizona, Nevada, Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, etc. — for as long as it lasts. For those of you outside those areas, I may be able to help for the right price…. (cue maniacal laugh)

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