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Barrel Tasting Party


I am excited about the barrel tasting party tonight and the Lost Abbey. It’s the 1st one the brewery has put on and it’s sold out. Only 100 lucky people get to go and I’m one of them.

The barrels at The Lost Abbey

I’ve trying to pick out my outfit for many days and it’s so hard but I think I have settled on one. You’ll have to wait and see the pix’s.

Tomme Arthur has a list of beers for tonight most people would kill to taste. I’m hoping Cable Car is one of the choices because I know how hard it is to get ahold of. We will also be having Cuvee de Tomme and The Angel’s Share. I’ve had these before — they are awesome and unlike any beer you’ve ever had. We have a few bottle stashed away for a rainy day.

I’ll be posting tonight live from the barrel tasting and letting you know what I think. I get tipsy easily so don’t mind the spelling — I’ll fix that in the morning.

I’m off to go look in my closet for *THE Outfit*.


Beer Molly

So, what do you think ?