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Session 8 : Beer & Food – The end of a fun day!


Well, we’ve reached the end of Session 8 and beer blogging Friday. Beer Sage, who did most of the Session blogging today is sleeping soundly, so it’s just me and Barnum out on the deck by our bar now.


Before bed we’re doing a triple pairing of sorts (if it’s possible to triple pair) — Guinness Extra Stout, Jameson’s Whisky, Baily’s Irish Cream and Ding Dongs — aka an Irish Car Bomb and Ding Dongs. I like the creamy taste of the Irish cream balanced with the caramel maltiness of Guinness and the slight bite of the Jameson’s. (Plus Barnum and I like racing each other to the bottom of the glass.) Ding Dongs, which are good anyway, are the perfect chocolately complement to a beer drink like this.

Well, I hope you enjoyed our daylong Session posts. I know we did. Have a good night.

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