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Daily Archives / Saturday, January 5, 2008

Blending tasting continues

Our seven judges have 18 barrels to taste. Then they have to blend and taste again. Wow. That’s a lot of sour beer to drink.


The tasting team

The sit down wit the team. From upper right — Tomme, Julian, Sage, Damien and Bo. Adam and Tim will join them shortly.


A few of the samples they’ll be tasting before blending

Blending Beer Day! Tomme and Bo tapped 18 of the (Isa)Belle Proximus barrels today for the tasting and blending. The beer is a sour beer made by Sam (Dogfish Head), Robb (Allagash), Adam (Avery), Vinnie (Russian River) and Tomme (Lost Abbey) and then aged for 14 months in barrels (and cultures) sent by each brewer.


Happy visitors to the brewery

It’s raining today, but not enough to stop this intrepid group from dropping by to warm there bones with a few good beers