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Killing time waiting for tires


Sierra Nevada Porter

Sierra Nevada Porter

My van is getting new tires, so I’m killing a couple hours @ Fenway Sports Bar & Grill with my phone, a Sierra Nevada porter and some Euro-soccer.


Update: Fenway in Carlsbad, CA. Not Mass. Sorry Boston friends, I’m not sneaking around without you.


  1. Joe Marshaleck

    hey beermolly! you probably wont remember me, but on a trip to ca back in late march i swung in to the brewery and traded you a bottle of Brewer’s Art Green Peppercorn Tripel for a few beers which were outstanding! i remembered you saying that you particularly liked impy stouts, so i picked up a few bottles for ya yesterday. i want to get them out to you, but wasn’t sure how you felt about deliveries at the brewery. if thats not a problem, i’ll send em there. otherwise, get me an address and i’ll use that.
    sorry, i didn’t know how else to get a hold of you, so i just googled “beermolly” and stumbled upon this site. you can email me at

    joe from philly


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