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Jack D’Or from Pretty Things Beer and Ale Project

We had this saison americaine the first time on draft at the grand opening of Monkey Paw a couple months ago.  The bottle was just as yummy…and we love the labels.  Good job Dann and Martha.  We look forward to trying more of your beers. 


Vanilla from Latitude 33 Brewing

Named after a creole woman from Texas, this english styled mild porter, with just the right amount of vanilla, is just what the doctor ordered.


Fantome Belgian Saison

Tastes wonderful…perfect for a pre-holiday party beverage.  The combination of citrus flavors and carbonation reminds me of a mimosa..sort-of…but better.


Rock Bottom La Jolla

A Mary Jane IPA for me and a Winter Wheat, sans the orange slice and sprinkle of ground spices, for the lady.  Both quite tasty.  MJ clocking in at 7%, the Winter Wheat 8.5%


The Incredible Hop

An imperial black IPA from Fort Collins Brewery.  It reminds me of a blend of an imperial IPA and a stout…75% IPA.  Smells like a barleywine.  No ABV listed on the bottle.