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Dark Star

As she hands me the can from the fridge, she says, “Dark Star means butthole.” I’m reluctant to search using my phone and risk inappropriate ads popping up at the worst of times…so I check Urban Dictionary. As usual, she is correct. It is also a fine 8% ABV oatmeal stout from the fine folks […]


Green Cheek Beer

Some damn good beer at Green Cheek. Pics worth thousands of words. We tried more and not a bad beer in the bunch. A bit far for our Sunday bike ride, but we’ll be back.


Black Cock Tasters

I shit you not…there is a brewey named Black Cock. We didn’t know until we got here, but they took over the spot that was Old Orange Brewing in Anaheim. Same place, new owners. Our fav ended up being a blend of the Chocolate Persuasion and Hazel Nut Heffer, with nice hints of coconut. I […]


Lord Hobo Angelica

Whoa…this is awesome! Who knew we had a Lord Hobo in the lower left. Might as well order another right now, as this juicy 5.5% ABV hazy wheat pale ale, with wonderful notes of fruit, from the upper right just ain’t gonna last. Found this gem at La Jolla Public House.



The place was packed for their grand opening with 6 drafts on and 2 cans available. JuneShine is the newest high gravity kombucha brewery in town, all with 6% ABV. Our fav was the Beet Berry.


The Bends

A new 7.2% ABV IPA from fine folks at Amplified Ale Works. A pale malt body with pleasant hop bitterness. The pic is more orange color than the beer actually is. It looks more like a berlinerweiss…between that and the glow of a Mountain Dew. Not much of a nose, but quite tasty.


Mason Ale Works Tasters

A short bike ride to the newest brewery tasting room to open; Mason Ale Works Tasting Room and Kitchen in Carmel Valley. I chose the Eloise Woods, which tasted like an IPA aged in white wine barrels, and The Duke, an 11% triple IPA. Happy with both. If only for a few minutes…we are up […]


Triple Dry Hyped

A delish 10.5% ABV hazy triple IPA from the fine folks at Pure Project. At only 50 IBU it finishes a bit sweeter than I prefer, but I’m suffering through it just fine.