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Say When India Pale Ale

With a big fruity nose and pleasant hop bitterness,  I found this newer offering from Mother Earth Brew Co quite enjoyable.  Plus it’s got that 7.5% ABV thing going for it.


TRVE Ancient Bole

One of three TRVE Brewing beers still on draft at Pizza Port OB. I started with the sour oak-aged dry-hopped saison.  Tasty.  


Pretty Bird IPA

At Pizza Port Solana Beach. Hot AF in here…but good beer makes it tolerable. Without the beer it’s like a weight-loss program.


The Juice

A beer from Maine’s Peak Organic Brewing Company I actually like. An enjoyable dry-hopped pale ale with citrus and floral hop notes and pleasent mild bitterness over a pale malt body. Hmm…no ABV on the can.


Little Freak

Found in the fridge behind some forgotten condomints. I’m guessing 7 to 9 years old. It’s held up surprisingly well.


Coronado Beer Stop

35 miles into today’s bike ride and a stop to fuel was necessary. 5.8% ABV Strawberry Shores for the lady and 8% ABV Joocy Jay IIPA for me. Should be enough for the approx 11 miles home.


Bend the Knee

Very happy with this Belgian-style strong golden ale. Mildly sweet up front and nice pale malt and Belgian yeast flavors hide the 9% ABV. Finish has the same light sweetness, which quickly disappates.


Klokke Roeland

11% ABV Belgian strong ale currently on draft at Westside Tap Room, Point Loma.  Always a good choice.