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Another attempt at a Belgian-style witt/wheat beer…and still not quite there. Not bad enough to pour out. 4.5% ABV, cold and safer to drink than tap water.


U Beer

A 4.5% larger brewed by Singha that I thought was too sweet. No worry about a hang over? Wonder how that works? Maybe cuz one won’t want to drink it…or is it more a guarantee you will get one. Like, don’t worry, you’ll get it. Hmmm.


Belgian Beers in Thailand

Somewhat surprised, and pleased, to find Belgian beers in Krabi…and not outrageously priced either. Maybe $7.50 US/ $225 Thai baht. It is a bit much compared to the $90 Baht for 12oz of the local mass produced lagers (Chang, Singha, or Leo..etc.)…but quite enjoyable.


Eleventh Fort IPL..

..for me. Crisp lager with light malt body and hop notes like an English pale ale. Didn’t note the ABV, but expect it was in the 5% range. She chose.. Devanom Mead Sour Mocha, a 5% ABV session mead with notes of coffee and chocolate. Flavor was good, more sweet with slight tart note. We […]


Stone Head Beers

Stumbled into Craft (Silom) which is mostly imported craft beers. San Diego is well represented with 1/5 of the draft list. They also have a few local drafts and bottles. Of the draft… L to R are Stone Head’s Smiling Evil pale ale, Gangore IPA and The Dark Side stout. Bottles next. Coconut Cream Ale […]


…Leo in an Alley

Ok…more a narrow one-way street than an alley. At 90+ degrees and 90+% relative humidity, these 5% lagers are quite nice. Drink fast, or the beer gets warm.


Love Juice

A juicy 5.5% ABV NE-Style IPA from Henderson, NV. Last of the cans we brought back from the road trip in March.