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Among Many

Some Green Cheek Beer to go. IPA in the hazy style. Juicy and soft mouth-feel, with nice hop notes including some lingering bitterness.


Sky Kraken and Dayfall..

…complementary beverages at the hotel bar with her hotel status. Guess we’re not quite done. Not sure what to do with the $24 of hotel credit which expires tonight.



Monkish 8.1% ABV DDH DIPA with Galaxy and Amarillo. Juicy up front with drier finish.


Green Cheek Tasters

In the set starting at 12 o’clock is Keep em Comin, #2, clockwise Cocohut, New Adventures, and Ain’t Gettin any Deader. The single is Nelson. Quite tasty. They opened another location taking over the old Barley Forge space in Costa Mesa.


Aether Flow

By taste alone I would not have guessed 15% ABV. Deceptively smooth, though you can smell the ETOH when the glass approaches your face…or in this case my face. Not to bitter or sweet. It’s been in the drawer for a bit and flavor crystals developed while in line to be enjoyed. One of Pure […]


Esoteric Knowledge

8.4% murky double IPA. Juicy up front with somewhat dry finish. Yummy


Star God

Delish…but with a canning date in September, it’s so last year. From There Does Not Exist.


Don de Dieu

A 9% belgian-style imperial wheat ale from Unibroue. It’s been sone time since we had and wanted to revisit. Quite nice. Sweet malts and either belgian yeast esters or spices on the nose. Sweet malt flavors but seems more light bodied than the ABV implies. Dangerously easy to sip.