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Nectar of the Bine

A yummy DDH IPA from North Park Beer and Moksa Brewing. Clocking in at a respectable 8.5% ABV.


Duchesse Cherry

My first time trying the cherry version of this. Strong sweet cherry flavor over the regular tart-sweet of the Duchesse de Bourgogne. I’m enjoying it. None of the notes of wood.


Green Soaked DIPA

I was told when I ordered that it was a good choice. That the German brewery, Frau Gruber, makes good juicy and hazy IPAs. I agree. 8.1% ABV, nice notes of tropical fruit with great hop flavors, light body, and clean finish.


Truman Syndrome ZW021

A quite enjoyable double dryhopped double IPA from Franconian brewery, Blech Brut. Found in a craft beer store, Die Bierothek Bamberg.


Oktoberfest Bier

Augustin Brauerei, Munchen. 6.3% ABV. Something for the train.


Fist City

Quick beer in Chicago. Like order, get, oh, we’re boarding…chug and leave. Belching while speed-walking to gate. Fist City from Chicago’s Revolution Brewing. A tasty 5.5% ABV American pale ale. I liked it, light body, nice balance with clean, crisp finish. I’ll have time for more next time we’re passing thru.



It tastes exactly like it sounds. A sake- weiss beer hybrid… from the minds of Setting Sun Sake and Thunderhawk Alements. Yumm.


Stone 25th Anniversary Triple IPA

Tastes exactly like it smells. Piney and resinous over a sweet malt base. Long hop finish. All that wrapped up in a 12.5% ABV solution.


Pure Tasters

L to R – Labyrinth Within, Crimson Lotus and Worlds Away…yum.


Hops Need Friends

… like malt, water and yeast? Whether trying to convey a message or just running out of beer names, I was happy with it. Piney and resinous hop nose, light body with good hop flavors and crisp dry finish.