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Not too surprising…

…to find that Stone Brewings 23rd anniversary beer is an IPA. I’m sure the words on the back of the bottle would tell the story of the “uncanny anni”, but don’t want to dig into the recycle bin, and, truth be told…I don’t really care. The beer itself is ok. Resinous hoppy nose, malty base […]


Spooky Ghosts

Started with Ghost Mountain a hazy NE-style IPA, juicy with soft mouth-feel, from Modern Times Beer Next moved to Ghost Hammer IPA from Stone Brewing. More in the west-coast style and quite enjoyable. Piney and resinous, pleasant bitterness that lingers just long enough to make you want another sip. No problem finishing either sample.


Nelson & Nelson

An 8% double IPA from Port Brewing. Piney hop nose. Medium body with lingering bitterness. Yeah, this will work. Though not really getting some of the characteristics I would expect from Nelson (Sauvin) in both boil and dry hopping, I’m enjoying it more as I continue to sip. Whoa… it’s gone! Who stole my beer?


I Don’t Like Mondays

“The silicon chip inside her head gets switched to overload. And nobody’s gonna go to school today, She’s going to make them stay at home…” As I recall when she was asked why she did it, her answer was “I don’t like Mondays’. A 1979 piano ballad about actual event the same year when a […]


Permanent Marker Pen Disguises….

..for me, and a Cactus Passion Dragon Fruit San Diego Vice for the lady. A 7% ABV medium bodied juicy IPA, with soft mouthfeel and mild bitterness from Columbus, Ohio’s Hoof Hearted Brewing. Darn tasty. Oh… the Vice was pretty good too. More on par with the draft versions of ones we’ve liked and better […]


Solis 95

Whoa…another old can in the beer drawer. Canned in Mar of 2019. Damn, I really need to do a better job of rotating beers forward. Straight from da can.


Gentle Reminder IPA

Found this in the bottom of the beer drawer. Ouch…June 2019 canning date… so a bit late. Oh well. Right out of the can the nose was a mix of piney, resinous, sweet malts with notes of fruit. Medium bodied IPA with soft, pillowy mouthfeel and a balanced finish. Maybe less bitterness than balanced. “Exudes […]


Desert Haze IPA

Mmm…new 7% ABV hazy at Amplified. Earthy hoppy nose, medium body with soft mouthfeel and mild lingering bitterness.


San Franpsycho IPA

Smell was mix of fruity sweetness and resinous hops. Flavor was a mix of malty sweetness with noticable fruit flavors with pronounced and lingering hop bitterness. Might be something with this particular can, but had to dump it.


Carlsbad Collective IPA

Tried this beer last night at Culver Beer Co., and had to come back for more. Great hop flavors over a pale malt body with crisp finish and no residual malt sweetness. ABV not indicated, but guessing between 6% and 7%. From the minds of (7) San Diego Brewers Guild members with tasting rooms in […]