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La Perversa IPAx2

A fine 8% double IPA from Tijuana’s Border Psycho Brewing. Nice hop notes with no residual sweetness. balance


Modern Time Beer Tasters Encinitas

All quite good but my favorite at the moment was the Power Word Kill. A juicy n delish 8.3% IPA made in the hazy style. Like a fermented fruit juice of sorts.


Love California

A piney 7% unfiltered west coast IPA with a somewhat dry finish, from the fine folks at Automatic Brewing. Would pair well with one of BLAH’s autumn squash pizzas…mmm.


Rip Currant Tasters

L to R = top to bottom First beer stop at about halfway. Both Caughts are deceptively drinkable for 11% beverages. Hmm…I’m liking the Caught in a Haze; smooth mouth feel, mildly sweet body and less lingering bitterness at the finish.


Blend-o-matic IPA

Pre-blended keg of the stuff. Juicy with hop forward bitterness and a touch of sweetness on the finish. Quite enjoyable. Makes me want to try the individual cans of the brut IPA and hazy IPA.


Cerveza Fresca with Guava

Too sweet and not quite working for me. Like a blend of sweet agua fresca and light-bodied beer. Still clocking in at 7.3% ABV. I’m thinking it’s the sweet nose that I find overwhelming…comparing it to a juicy NE IPA where the dry hopping nose prevails. An interesting venture for the fine folks at El […]


Party Shirt

Let’s get this party started….f’in Party Shirt bro…


Fuzz Pedal

New beer at Amplified Ale Works. A 6% ABV, 48 IBU IPA made in the New England-Style…mmm…yummy.


Let The Bruties Hit The Floor

Pizza Port OB currently has two brut IPA’s that I’m quite happy with. This one is the stronger clocking in at 8.2% ABV, and less sweet than the 6.3% Bruty Call.


Made with Love

Quite happy with this juicy beverage. Nose is strong citrus rind and the flavor does not disappoint. Finish has mild bitterness that reminds me of grapefruit peel but in a good way. I would have guessed a lower ABV than indicated on the can.