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Ho Ho Ho

Suffering through an old Christmas beer. Thinking it may pair well with the cheese and crackers leftover from the x-mas party that I haven’t gotten around to throwing out.


On Fleek

I was in the mood for a strong sweet stout while soaking in the jacuzzi, and found this in the fridge. A 13% imperial stout from gypsy brewer Stillwater Artisanal and Casita Cerveceria …hmm..brewed and canned in Stratford, CT. Not exactly what I was looking for, but very good. Sweet roasted malts on the nose […]


Windy Hill

I was happy with this NE hazy IPA offering from San Diego’s Mikkeller. 7% ABV, juicy, with slightly stronger citrus peel bitterness that lingers a bit.


Goo Goo Muck IPA 

Goo Goo Muck = The Cramps…at least the first time I heard the song.  Later with compilation album(s) “Songs The Cramps Taught Us” I found out it was a cover by a band in the early ’60s called Ronnie Cook and the Gaylads.   Damn fine beer from Fall Brewing.  Mild hop bitterness, grassy hop nose, […]


Destination Unknown 

A delish 8% ABV double IPA in the NE hazy-style, from the fine folks at Alvarado Street Brewery.   Found this gem at the Solana Beach BC.  


Culture Mosaic IPA 

A nice offering that seems to have grown in popularity.  A good mix of bitterness and fruitiness in a glass.


Electrocution IPA 

It seems like I haven’t seen Electrocution IPA on tap here since around the anniversary party in Nov.  Don’t get me wrong, loved all the can releases, Top of the Dial, Faraway Towns…etc.  but Electrocution is always a great option.  


Primordial IIPA

It’s been years since I’ve had a Primordial IPA from Vista’s Mother Earth Brew Co.  I remember the first place I had it outside their brewery supply store / nano brewery was Phileas Foggs in Poway.  Quite good then.  Quite good now. Nose is sweet maltyness with piney and resinous hop notes.  Flavor is malty […]