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A pic that kinda sums up our long-ass Saturday

Though I brought my camera with me to the Carnevale Party, I failed to use it.  I prepared by deleting old pics off of my card and charging my battery, but I don’t recall taking the camera out and actually taking pictures with it. Maybe due to the difficult access of my fancy robe, maybe […]


Priming liver for tomorrows Angels Share release

Yes, I have so many pint glasses that they are stored in boxes in the garage.  Yes, I broke one while washing dishes.   Why spend money on a glass?  Because I enjoy drinking from it…why else…  It is all about the experience. After a long-ass week I finally get a chance to sit down and […]


Sharing Vindecation from Schooner’s Grille & Brewery

Last October, at the Great American Beer Festival, I ran into the head brewer of Schooner’s Grille & Brewery, Craig Cauwels.  He was sandwiched between the busy booths of The Lost Abbey and Russian River.  He makes an awesome oatmeal stout and other tasty beers.  If you don’t believe me, check out his list of […]


Saturday the 14th ended much better than Friday the 13th

Our local watering hole, Churchill’s, had some wonderful beer on tap.  The Abyss and My Bloody Valentine were actually tapped Friday the 13th.  We were just lucky they were still available when we went. Matt Dolman brought the Founders Breakfast Stout to share.


Starting the morning off, right?

Making a batch of Bloody Mary’s in the original decanter, you must first pour off a bit so there is room for the vodka.  In lieu of making a Bloody Mary with the first pour, I made my own Naty Ice Chelada… I was not going to use a good beer for the morning breakfast […]


From there to here there must be beer

Following the trail of bottle caps I found myself at Churchills.  First pint was Full Sail’s Wreck the Halls IPA. Before heading home I enjoyed a Jubelale from Deschutes…mmm


A quick sip at Pizza Port Carlsbad

After a busy weekend we ended it with a quick bite, and some sips, at Pizza Port Carlsbad.  Yeah..we had food, blah, blah, blah… My first beer was The Warrior Black IPA brewed at the San Clemente Pizza Port and imported to San Diego County. When the pizza arrived my warrior was almost gone, so […]


Rustic Bread & Cheese from Maine

My sister has been sending me regional food and drink from her new home town of Blue Hill, Maine.   Like me she was born and raised in California and uprooted a few years ago, floated for a little bit and then settled in Blue Hill. First it was beer, which I posted..I think.  Then it […]