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Portneuf Valley Brewing

In Pocatello, ID. A charming lille brewpub down by the tracks in a cool brick building. I am enjoying the Grog, IPA. She is having the Portneuf Cocoa Porter.


Knee Deep Breaking Bud IPA

6.5% ABV and incredible. Never had anything from Knee Deep, but this is an amazing IPA. Gives me a reason to visit Auburn, CA.


Ruination 2.0

@buckleybrau dropped by with a sixer of Stone’s #ruination 2.0 today. it’s lighter in color and has a different hop profile than the original. A lot more citrus. Honestly the original was one of those beers that got me into the bigger IPAs, but in a world of so many great IPAs, it had fallen […]


Cabana Boy IPA

Equinox, citra, rakau and motueka hops in another well balanced IPA from Back Street Brewing in Vista. The brewer here really nails IPAs.


Vista Village IPA

After a couple months out of circulation I finally stopped off at Back Street Brewing to see what was new. This one Vista Village IPA, a 6.5% IPA with Simcoe and Cascade.


Hop Freshener Citrusy and Piney

Just checked out the latest release from Port / Lost Abbeys Hop Project. Great hop profile but a little danker than I would have guessed. Still a delicious beer.


Grapefruit Scuplin

While trying out a new restaurant near my office my waiter suggested I sample the Sculpin IPA with grapefruit. Personally, I think Scuplin is already juicy and citrusy enough, so this one was a little over the top. But at least a had plenty to sample before I made up my mind.