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Details: Lost Abbey / Port Brewing 1st Anniversary Event & New Releases

The gang at The Lost Abbey (aka Port Brewing Company) is celebrating the brewery’s first anniversary in a couple of weeks with a big first birthday party loading with special tastings and a couple of (very) limited releases of new additions to their already impressive beer lineup. (I swear they’ve got more medals than a […]


Craft Brewing – boomin’ like a .com in 1998

The Brewers Association is reporting that craft brewing is the fastest growing segment of the alcohol industry. With 17.8% growth in 2006, it eclipse’s big beer’s 2.4%, and it’s darn close to double wine’s growth. Check out the chart below. Admittedly craft brewing is a tiny fraction of the overall alcohol market, and even among […]


Happy 74th Brew Year’s Day

As many of our fellow brew loving sites are noting, today is “Brew Years Day”. On this day in 1933 it became legal once again to manufacture, transport, sell and consume beer that was no more than 3.2% alcohol. There are a couple of misconceptions about today, however. “Brew Years Day” does not mark the […]


Grim times for ReaperAle

I don’t know how widely distributed ReaperAle’s beers are, so it may be that a lot of you have never had the opportunity to try some truly kick-ass ales. (And by “kick-ass” I mean “club you like a baby seal and leave you for dead.”) Unfortunately, if you haven’t been able to sample these tasty […]


Beer Gear for all!

Fellow beer lovers, I have opened a Beer Gear shop. When you purchase beer gear from this shop you’re not only going to look great in your new clothing, you’re helping a good cause — Namely me, Beer Molly, and my love of drinking fine craft brews! So, come on over and take a […]


Beer goes upscale in the New York Times

Jason and Todd Alström, founders of beeradvocate.comphoto courtesy of New York Times Guess what? Even the New York Times has figured out that there’s way way more to beer than the fizzy yellow stuff you get in the 24 packs at the gas station (which I pick up occasionally because it’s a cheap and effective […]