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Stopped for a pint and to see friends

We’ve been in LA all day and decided to take a break at Pizza Port in San…

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PM Porter — This is good tasting beer

Like most Porters the beer has a wonderful dark color and is served on nitro. I do…

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Stopped for lunch at BJ’s Brewhouse

We’ve wandered into BJs Brewhouse in Laguna Hills, Calif. for a bite to eat and to taste…

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Belgian beer fest at night

Hour number 9 & we’re still going strong

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The Beer Menu

The 12 Hour Belgian Beer Party at Pizza Port Carlsbad. CA Ok, here’s the menu — 100…

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Great beer line-up

There must be more than 100 bottles of Belgian Beer in the line up. Plus they’re opening…

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Friday @ Port Brewing

Fun live from Port Brewing

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Beer Molly is a hottie

For all you Beer aficionados (that’s French for drunken slob) who think that a girl who likes…

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Sitting and having Black Butte Porter

Black Butte Porter This is an all around great tasting beer from start to finish. It pours…

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Change of drink

Having fun after hours at Port. Yikes — that is some good Bourbon! (It’s an Evan Williams…