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Kicked off SDBW Friday on a Beer Bus!

Our beer-loving friend and his buddies came out from Indiana to celebrate his 40th during San Diego Beer Week! Such a fun birthday beer bus trip with stops at Stone Brewery, PB Alehouse, Mission Brewery and Green Flash Brewery, plus Lost Abbey growlers to keep hydrated between stops! Oh my my, oh hell yeah…


Pub Crawling with the Pros in San Diego

A couple weeks back was the 50th birthday of Churchill’s bartender and all around great guy (even if he is English), Tony Dowson. To celebrate, friends Kevin Hopkins (who Twitters with the enthusiasm of a 16 year-old girl) and Brian Friel chartered a bus from Brewery Tours of San Diego, assembled 20 or so of […]


Eugene Brewery Crawl: 1st stop Steelhead Brewery

In July of ’07 we first met Teri Fahrendorf, Steelhead Brewery’s Brewmaster for 17-years, as she was “following the clouds of wort steam across the nation” in her pink boots. Though she has moved on from Steelhead, it was beer I have wanted to taste since meeting and talking to her.  I was not disappointed. […]


Bend Watering Holes

While visiting with Tanya, at Bend Brewing, I asked her where she would recommend I go to grab a good pint of beer.  She said The Blacksmith Restaurant.  That it had a decent tap list and even a better bottle list, and that is was located in the building right behind Deschutes Public House.  So […]


Friday’s Brewery #2 was Deschutes Brewery & Public House

One block over and one block up from Bend Brewing you will find Deschutes Brewery & Public House..OK maybe you won’t find it..but I did. Top to bottom and left to right, I ordered my set of six tasters.  I like the idea of putting it on a pad. Though it does not show well […]


Adopt this brewer

Ladies and Gentlemen, meet our homeless brewer of the week, Gordie Gerski. A Canadian-Polish mix recently re-located here from Kansas City to run Port Brewing’s new bottling line, he is friendly, housebroken and has all his shots. He likes to watch mixed-martial arts, baseball and anything with Elizabeth Banks and Seth Rogen in it. He […]


Why I don’t drink beer from cans

I don’t know what to say about this photo other than WTF? Photo via   Going through my mind as I look at this— Uh… why? Oh, wait – it’s his “six pack” abs. A couple more beers and he’s got room for a 12 pack What does this guy’s wife / girlfriend / […]


Man Drinks Hot Rocks… and likes it

That “man” in the headline is me, of course. I’m currently enjoying a cold pint of Hot Rocks, the new stein-style brown lager from Port Brewing Company. Yes, it is delicious. For those who don’t know the backstory on this one, Hot Rocks is a collaboration between Port Brewing’s Tomme Arthur and Bend Brewing’s Tonya […]


A pic that kinda sums up our long-ass Saturday

Though I brought my camera with me to the Carnevale Party, I failed to use it.  I prepared by deleting old pics off of my card and charging my battery, but I don’t recall taking the camera out and actually taking pictures with it. Maybe due to the difficult access of my fancy robe, maybe […]


Nature’s Reward

After shoveling an insane amount of snow from my driveway and the neighbor’s driveway, these true winter warmers will go down nicely. The only downside is that it started to snow again as soon as I finished shoveling.