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Kicked off SDBW Friday on a Beer Bus!

Our beer-loving friend and his buddies came out from Indiana to celebrate his 40th during San Diego…

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Pub Crawling with the Pros in San Diego

A couple weeks back was the 50th birthday of Churchill’s bartender and all around great guy (even…

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Eugene Brewery Crawl: 1st stop Steelhead Brewery

In July of ’07 we first met Teri Fahrendorf, Steelhead Brewery’s Brewmaster for 17-years, as she was…

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Bend Watering Holes

While visiting with Tanya, at Bend Brewing, I asked her where she would recommend I go to…

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Friday’s Brewery #2 was Deschutes Brewery & Public House

One block over and one block up from Bend Brewing you will find Deschutes Brewery & Public…

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Adopt this brewer

Ladies and Gentlemen, meet our homeless brewer of the week, Gordie Gerski. A Canadian-Polish mix recently re-located…

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Why I don’t drink beer from cans

I don’t know what to say about this photo other than WTF? Photo via   Going…

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Man Drinks Hot Rocks… and likes it

That “man” in the headline is me, of course. I’m currently enjoying a cold pint of Hot…

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A pic that kinda sums up our long-ass Saturday

Though I brought my camera with me to the Carnevale Party, I failed to use it.  I…

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Nature’s Reward

After shoveling an insane amount of snow from my driveway and the neighbor’s driveway, these true winter…