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Port Brewing / The Lost Abbey 2nd Anniversary & Special Releases

World Beer Cup Champion Brewery Port Brewing / The Lost Abbey will be celebrating its second anniversary next weekend with a big party, music, food, and (of course) lost of Port / Lost Abbey beers. Additionally, they’ll be putting out three new releases including Port 2nd Anniversary (a huge double IPA), Inferno (one hell of […]


world beer cup awards begin

Yes it’s a crappy photo because we’re at the back. but Charlie Papazian has finally kicked off the awards.


beer float anyone?

That’s Adam with Mari who is making beer floats with Stone Smoked Porter


It’s yummy

Floris Apple…eat your heart out Lindeman’s


Spicy fries and a pint for lunch

Molly worked up a thirst buying clothes in San Francisco so we had to duck into a pub for a black and tan and an order of spicy french fries


still at the Toronado

We’re with a guy who can’t drink beer. Figure that out. Update: Okay, as you can see from the post time, it was rather late, and we were… uh… well imbibed. (Cameraphones are hard to work in that condition.) Anyway, the photo was supposed to be of Michael, who is allergic to gluten and therefore […]


Pubbing in San Francisco today

We’re in San Francisco for the next couple of days. Right now we’re having a pint or two in Johnny Foile’s on O’Farrell. Heading off to the Toronado later.


Happy 75th American Beer Drinkers

We’d just like to wish everyone a happy 75th anniversary of the return of legal beer to the U.S. And now let’s all hoist a glass and sing along with us to Weird Al’s Beer Song: Oh… what is the malt and liquor? What gets you drunken quicker? What comes in bottles or in cans? […]


Hopback, raisins, flamethrower = beer

So you’ve got a few hundred pounds of raisins that you need to caramelize for that Belgian beer you’re making. How do you do it? Pizza oven? Broiler? Barbecue in the back of a pickup? Well if you’re the nut cases at Port Brewing/Lost Abbey, you dump all your raisins in a hopback, buy a […]


Session 14: Beer People

Kudos to Stonch for picking Beer People as the subject of Session Number 14. As frequenters of this blog know, more than beer beer itself, we’re all about beer people (well, that and pictures of beer). Why? Because beer seems to be a social glue that brings the most unlikely of people together. None of […]


A Karl Strauss Brewer

Andy & Melody Andy is a brewer for Karl Strauss (I forget which location), but he’s not actually at Karl Strauss, he’s at Backstreet Brewing in Vista, Calif. visiting with his buddy Adam who is the new head brewer here. Adam used to brew at the Karl Strauss in Carlsbad, Calif., but now he’s brewing […]


Pizza Port Belgian Beer Party Wrap-up

Here’s a few photos from the Belgian Beer Party at Pizza Port Carlsbad yesterday. Naturally, it was a huge beer list. This list is only one side of the bottle list. There was also a draft list and another list of “special” Belgians. (Click on the image to see a full-sized, readable list)   This […]


Chili at the festival

That’s Stone Brewing’s Chili looking at us from inside Pizza Port – or as we call it, ‘beer jail’


Hamiltons menu way too small

I’m not saying this is a reflection on the owner, but the menu is so tiny I can’t read it. anyone have a magnifying glass?


The beer board


Shandy Bass sweetened beer drink

Shandy Bass is a lemon flavored and sweetened drink made with “real” Bass beer. Less than .5% alcohol. It is very sweet and tastes vaguely of beer.


It was so good!

Solana’s Anniversary beer. Guru IIPA. Sent it to blog too!


Beer drinkers have bigger brains

I’ve always know that on average beer drinkers have bigger brains that wine drinkers, but now we have scientific evidence. Read the story right here PS: Don’t start thinking this applies to you. Average means that half of you are below the line.


It’s on the dry side

We’re at the Pizza Port bottle shop. Sage is having Sinebrychoff Porter from Finland


Jim Koch and Me and Brandy

Molly, Jim & Brandy Jim asked me if I’d leave Tomme and become his personal assistant instead. Tomme looked worried. 😉


We are in Boston!

Cambridge Brewery Co Oaky ,we’ve made it to Boston and we’ve come to Cambridge Brewing for a little pre-barrel night warm-up