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Wave Jammer

Citrusy hop flavors with mild bitterness and somewhat dry finish. All that and 8.1% ABV


Good ‘N Fresh

A tasty 6% ABV west coast IPA from the fine folks at Alvarado Street Brewery. Citrusy and resinous, with crisp dry finish.


Wyatt Burp

With a collaboration beer from Moonraker and Alvarado Street you can expect good things. To exceed already above average expectations was not expected but damn sure was appreciated. Delish.


Riot Punch

A sweet nose with notes of mango and pineapple. Flavor follows through nicely, sweet with long finish reminicent of grapefruit peel. All that and 8.5% ABV. Hot damn!


Healing Habitats

Alvarado Street Brewery. Hazy IPA. 7% ABV. Floral. Citrus. Mild bitterness the lingers just enough to entice you to take another sip….and poof, it’s gone.


Enough dew drops to fill a glass.

The nose is floral and piney. Nice hop flavors, very mild bitterness with lingering hop notes on the finish, but not quite a bitterness. 7.3% from Alvarado Street Brewery.


Triple Cone

Yup… it’s a big’n. Piney, resinous, boozy, with lingering hop bitterness…everything a growing boy, or girl, needs.


Hoppy Hiker

Piney and resinous nose right into tasty upfront hop flavors, with only moderate hop bitterness on the finish.


7th Anniversary

And the winner for the “Miami Vice Theme” of 7th Anniversary beer cans goes to…Alvarado Street Brewing. Darn good beverage too.