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Sculpin IPA at Snow Summit

I chose over Lagunitas IPA, 805, Fat Tire and a few Coors options. As expected, premium prices for a crappy selection to a captive clientele.  


Watermelon Dorado

I like watermelon.  I also like Dorado, Ballast Point’s 10% ABV double IPA.  I don’t think I would have thought to mix the two…but why not give it a try. When first poured, the nose is sweet watermelon and very little hop character.  Taste is not sweet but hop bitterness over the malt base, with […]


Pineapple Sculpin

Nose is sweet, but I don’t think I could have identified it as pineapple if it wasn’t indicated on the label.  Flavor is not sweet, but seems less bitter and doesn’t have the crisp finish of the original.  I get the most pineapple notes after swallowing a sip and then exhaling  through my nose.  Exhaling […]


Ballast Point Homebrew Mart

Suprisingly good were Grunion with pineapple and guava, Sculpin with mango and the cask of Sculpin with passionfruit.


$3.25 Ballast Point Scurpin HR

I shit you not…and a 60oz pitcher is only $13.99.  Highly recommend their fish taco and chili relleno burrito with black beans.


Baby Sculpin

Catching up on work email with baby Sculpin in hand.  A nice start to the weekend.