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Watermelon Dorado



I like watermelon.  I also like Dorado, Ballast Point’s 10% ABV double IPA.  I don’t think I would have thought to mix the two…but why not give it a try.

When first poured, the nose is sweet watermelon and very little hop character.  Taste is not sweet but hop bitterness over the malt base, with very little watermelon flavors.

As it warms, the sweet nose disapates but a watermelon smell, more like the melon rind with out the sweet fruit, is still present, mingling with the resinous hop smell. 

It tastes just like it smells; more hop flavor than melon rind, but both present. 

I’m not a fan.  I didn’t dump it, but also wouldn’t buy again. 

So, what do you think ?