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Lost Abbey Agave Maria Ale

Aged in tequila barrels.  It has a familiar sweetness up front followed by a wood flavor.  The 13.5% ABV is noticeable but not really apparent as being tequila and has a slight black pepper finish.   Very nice.


Is that Tomme on a Peacock?

Why, yes it is – Cuvee de Tomme on a pretty glass peacock table.  Tasted great and lack of visible carbonation barely noticeable; it had a good mouth feel, if that makes any sense.  I think this was a bottle from last year.


Hair of the Dog – Matt

Last night we opened this three and a half year old bottle of beer.  My first, second and third taste of Matt was at the Hair of the Dog’s old brewery location around Easter 2009, same time I was given the bottle.  My daughter and I spent the week roaming Oregon with one of her […]


Friday Happy Hour with Karl

Sharing a Karl Strauss 23rd Anniversary Ale, a bourbon barrel-aged English Old Ale clocking in at 12.5%ABV, with a Fullsuit Belgian Brown sidecar, with my lady. 


Sang Royal from Cascade Brewing

  We decided to open one of the beers from our Portland adventure. Tuesday seemed like a good enough reason to open something.   Just like at the Cascade Barrel Room we are having our own “Tap it Tuesday”…and we’re having a beer.