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Crooked Stave at Churchill’s

Four drafts pouring… for now.   On draft for the beer dinner pairing… but available just for drinking…yay.


Breaking the Rule…

…and drinking a Stone Brewing Enjoy By IPA past its date.  Only a couple months past the date, and it tastes great to me.  This may be the best beer I’ve had all week.  Oh yeah, only if don’t count some of those I had on…hmmm..whatever day Churchhill’s was was waxing their “Finest Hour” bottles. […]


Knee Deep Ryedentity Crisis

A very nice strong saison (is 8% strong?) from a brewery I have only heard about.  A great first taste.  I always love walking into great selection at my local watering hole. 


Interlude at Church at Night

From Allagash..uh..should have included “hill” in the title but didn’t… is night… Still on from sour fest…yay!


Churchills for a Soda

Decided on a Jolly Pumpkin Maracabo Especial and Evil Twin Biscotti Break Porter to quench our thirst.


A round of Victory at Seas at Churchills

Last Saturday…yeah, I’m a little behind in my postings…we stopped at Churchill’s for a pint of Ballast Point’s Victory at Sea; their Imperial Coffee Vanilla Porter.  I prefer the keg and cask Victory at Sea over the bottled stuff.  I find that the bottled beer retains too much coffee flavor for my liking.  No…I’m not […]


Barrel Aged Serpent’s Stout

In preparation for the Jack Daniel’s Dinner last night at Churchills Pub & Grille, Ivan had Jack Daniel’s barrels filled with beer at Port Brewing/ Lost Abbey.  The barrel aged Serpent’s Stout was fantastic.  Get it while you can…I doubt it will last long.