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Breaking the Rule…


…and drinking a Stone Brewing Enjoy By IPA past its date.  Only a couple months past the date, and it tastes great to me. 


This may be the best beer I’ve had all week.  Oh yeah, only if don’t count some of those I had on…hmmm..whatever day Churchhill’s was was waxing their “Finest Hour” bottles. That beer was awesome.

OK, this the best beer since then..but that sour the other day was pretty good too.  OK, this is the best beer today…well, since lunch anyway.  It is definitely the best beer in my hand right now.  Cheers.

P.S. – Churchill’s Renaissance is tomorrow, 2 March 13. Get the bourbon barrel aged imperial stout Churchill’s Finest Hour while you can, because it won’t last long.

So, what do you think ?