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Catch you on the flip side IPA

A decent 6.5% ABV collaboration beer offering from the fine folks at Karl Strauss and Societe Brewing Company, made in the west-coast style.


Beach Retreat IPA

A west coast IPA collaboration from Pizza Port and Beachwood Brewing. Yeah.. this will work.


In Good Company

Much better.  A 8.5% hazy DIPA collaboration beer from Moksa Brewing Co. and Casa Agria Specialty Ales.  Super juicy hop nose with notes of pineapple and melon.  Mouthfeel/flavor is not as sweet as the nose implies…it’s more dry and hop flavors have a black pepper quality that dissipates quickly after you swallow. Sip, sip, and […]


Trois Cabrones…again

The name loosely translated is Three (in french) Bastards (in spanish).  An homage to the band The Melvins by the three friends that made it, this 8.5% hazy double IPA is as good as the draft versions enjoyed multiple times before…juicy and delicious. 


Pathway with Raspberries 

A tasty 7.3% ABV collaboration IPA from Karl Strauss Brewing and Amplified Ale Works.  I’m not tasting raspberries.  


Humming Wires

A collaboration IPA between San Diego’s Council Brewing and Monterey’s Alvarado Street Brewery.   Like a tart white IPA.  The citrus notes of the hops may over-exaggerate the tartness.  Interesting…but in a good way.  Also grabbed a 100% Maybe IPA, made with Mosaic and Ekuanot hops, sidecar.  


What Would Jeremy Brew?

A piney and resinous colaboration IPA from South Park Brewing Company and Stone Brewing’s Jeremy Moynier.


Joey Pepper

A 7% Belgian blonde…. no… not ale, but a Belgian blonde malt beverage brewed with spices.  Well isn’t that special… I hear or read the words “malt beverage”  and I think Schlitz, Old English 800 or Mickey’s.  Sante Adairius Rustic Malt Beverages, Amplified Malt Beverage Works, or Malt Beverage Smith just don’t have the same […]


Saint Somewhere Merde de Singe

A collaboration with Redlight Redlight for Zwanze Day 2013, made with tamarind, was the best of the Saint Somewhere Brewing beers we’ve had.  Light body with mild tart tasted quite nice after our 30-mile bike ride.