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A glass of pilsner beer on a bar counter
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The Godfather Italian Pilsner

The Godfather Italian Pilsner is a collaboration between Karl Strauss and Societe Brewing companies. Light, refreshing with a hint of bitterness 6% ABV

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Juice = Juice

A delish 8.5% DIPA collaboration from Equilibrium and Great Notion.

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Radiant Haze IPA

Toppling Goliath collaboration with Radiant Brewing. A wonderful hop nose of citrus, pine and melon, which follows…

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Western Grit

Though you can’t really see in the pic, but the first thing I noticed is how well…

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I Assure We Make Stouts!

A delish imperial stout collaboration from Timber Ales and Fidens Brewing Company. 12% ABV and aged on…

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Gravity does not Exist

Like floating in the pool.. A collaboration IPA from SLO breweries Liquid Gravity and There Does Not…

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Forced Flair DIPA

Darn good! Juicy with pleasant lingering bitterness. Guess I should not have been to surprised being a…

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South County IPA

Piney and resinous hop bomb in the west coast style. 7% ABV. Crisp dry finish with lingering…

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Snailiens TIPA

9.5% TIPA made in the hazy style from Burley Oak Brewing in collaboration with Tripping Animals Brewing.

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It tastes exactly like it sounds. A sake- weiss beer hybrid… from the minds of Setting Sun…