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Catch you on the flip side IPA

A decent 6.5% ABV collaboration beer offering from the fine folks at Karl Strauss and Societe Brewing…

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Beach Retreat IPA

A west coast IPA collaboration from Pizza Port and Beachwood Brewing. Yeah.. this will work.

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In Good Company

Much better.  A 8.5% hazy DIPA collaboration beer from Moksa Brewing Co. and Casa Agria Specialty Ales. …

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Trois Cabrones 

Doing homework and drinking from da can.

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Trois Cabrones…again

The name loosely translated is Three (in french) Bastards (in spanish).  An homage to the band The…

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Pathway with Raspberries 

A tasty 7.3% ABV collaboration IPA from Karl Strauss Brewing and Amplified Ale Works.  I’m not tasting…

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Humming Wires

A collaboration IPA between San Diego’s Council Brewing and Monterey’s Alvarado Street Brewery.   Like a tart…

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What Would Jeremy Brew?

A piney and resinous colaboration IPA from South Park Brewing Company and Stone Brewing’s Jeremy Moynier.

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Joey Pepper

A 7% Belgian blonde…. no… not ale, but a Belgian blonde malt beverage brewed with spices.  Well…

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Saint Somewhere Merde de Singe

A collaboration with Redlight Redlight for Zwanze Day 2013, made with tamarind, was the best of the…