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A can of Mongo IPA on a table next to a glass of the beer
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Mongo Double IPA in Cans

Found Pizza Port’s Mongo DIPA 16Oz four-packs on sale for $6.99. A good deal considering that’s the cost of 1 pint at Pizza Port

A can of Stone Ruination beer on a cutting board next to a glass full of the beer
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Stone Ruination circa 2023

Stone Ruination IPA circa December 2023

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Wave Jammer

Citrusy hop flavors with mild bitterness and somewhat dry finish. All that and 8.1% ABV

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Mirror Flexin’

A tasty 8% ABV double IPA from Casa Agria. A piney and resinous nose with much less…

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Big Drip

An 8.2% double IPA from Great Notion. It sounded flat when I opened the can; no “pstss”…

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Gravity does not Exist

Like floating in the pool.. A collaboration IPA from SLO breweries Liquid Gravity and There Does Not…

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Esoteric Knowledge

Murky-ish. Double-ish. IPA-ish. Hoppy-ish. Citrus-ish. Piney-ish. Delicious-ish. Pure Project.

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Riot Punch

A sweet nose with notes of mango and pineapple. Flavor follows through nicely, sweet with long finish…

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The Shaning

A 9.1% double IPA from Santa Rosa’s Hen House Brewing Co. The nose a bouquet of tropical…

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Greenstone IPA

A delish murky 8.5% ABV murky IPA from Equilibrium Brewing. Tropical juicyness, yummy hop flavors, soft mouth-feel.