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Wave Jammer

Citrusy hop flavors with mild bitterness and somewhat dry finish. All that and 8.1% ABV


Mirror Flexin’

A tasty 8% ABV double IPA from Casa Agria. A piney and resinous nose with much less bitterness than expected, but also not juicy or sweet… it’s more balanced. Earthy hop flavors linger a bit on the finish.


Big Drip

An 8.2% double IPA from Great Notion. It sounded flat when I opened the can; no “pstss” sound. Poured slowly at first and no foam, so poured more aggressively which produced a nice head. Ahh…dated 20 Oct 21, so a bit old. Piney and resinous nose, sweet and malty with nice hop flavors and subdued […]


Gravity does not Exist

Like floating in the pool.. A collaboration IPA from SLO breweries Liquid Gravity and There Does Not Exist, made in the double version of the hazy style. Juicy and sweet citrus forward. Soft mouth-feel and mild bitterness. If only the pool could offer all that.


Esoteric Knowledge

Murky-ish. Double-ish. IPA-ish. Hoppy-ish. Citrus-ish. Piney-ish. Delicious-ish. Pure Project.


Riot Punch

A sweet nose with notes of mango and pineapple. Flavor follows through nicely, sweet with long finish reminicent of grapefruit peel. All that and 8.5% ABV. Hot damn!


The Shaning

A 9.1% double IPA from Santa Rosa’s Hen House Brewing Co. The nose a bouquet of tropical fruits. Flavors follow through nicely, softer mouth-feel…damn..finished it. Maybe some black pepper bitterness on the finish, otherwise nice and juicy. Enjoyed quite a bit.


Greenstone IPA

A delish murky 8.5% ABV murky IPA from Equilibrium Brewing. Tropical juicyness, yummy hop flavors, soft mouth-feel.


Mosaic Double IPA

It’s OK, but far from my fav in the Mosaic hopped IPA/ double IPA variety.



…I mean Kool Kid Hops. A yummy double IPA with notes of citrus and peach in the piney and resinous nose which carries through nicely on the flavor. Bitterness lingers on finish but not too dry. All wrapped in an 8.6% ABV solution.