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Collage Conflux #1

Opened this collaboration ale by Deschutes and Hair of the Dog a little too soon! Didn’t see the “Best After 4/30/13” stamp until afterwards. The beer is a collage of both breweries’ beers including The Dissident, The Stoic, FRED and ADAM blended and cask-aged somehow, and released in May of this year; references to Rye […]


Hair of the Dog – Matt

Last night we opened this three and a half year old bottle of beer.  My first, second and third taste of Matt was at the Hair of the Dog’s old brewery location around Easter 2009, same time I was given the bottle.  My daughter and I spent the week roaming Oregon with one of her […]



Love this Hearty Old World Ale by Hair of the Dog Brewing… Nothing to do with it being named the same as my boyfriend and my son! It has everything to do with it being 10% and full of flavor! It is a big Adam in a little Adam bottle. Delicious!