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Nelly of the Beast

A delish 6.5% ABV WC IPA from SLO’s Liquid Gravity….mmm

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‘member IPA (?)

Yeah, I ‘member.

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Ocean Stuff IPA

A crushable collaboration from Pizza Port San Clemente and everywhere. Lighter body, pleasent bitterness, 6.8% ABV. Thank…

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Burn Out the Day IPA

This is another one from Smog City Brewing (although I was not with Adam when he posted…

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Nesting Pair

A tasty IPA, made in the west coast style, from Smog City. Pix bonus being that the…

A can of Stone Ruination beer on a cutting board next to a glass full of the beer
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Stone Ruination circa 2023

Stone Ruination IPA circa December 2023

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Fremont Over the Sea IPA

…for me and Ommegang Gnommegang, belgian style golden strong ale, for the lady.

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Bunch of Savages in this Park…

….while working. Found this in the back of the fridge…and still darn good. Super juicy 10% TDH…

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Y’all are Presently Drinking…

Societe Surefire Bullseye West Coast IPA. I feel I should be eating meat with this.

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Melcher Street IPA

Trillium Brewing..mmm..tasty