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Hop Fu!

It’s been a while since my last Hop Fu! Worked for me…pale malt body, piney and resinous hop flavors, with a dry finish with lingering butter. Yep…drank it and liked it. Could use another if’n we didn’t buy just one..


Untitled Art All Together

Mmmm…tasty 6.5% IPA. In collaboration with Other Half Brewing to support hospitality industry. Just doing my part.


Fieldwork Logic Gate

Looks more like a juice heavy mimosa than a beer. Sniff…A nose of citrus. Sniff-sip…super juicy up front…sniff…sip… followed by mild, almost spicy..sip…black pepper-ish hop bitterness that quickly dissipates….then bam… you need another beer.


Shhh….Secret Secrets

Super juicy with a bodacious nose and palate, all packed it a tiny 16oz can of goodness. Quite good.


South of Hazin’

A refreshing hazy from TapRoom Beer Co.  Nice hoppy nose, but lower bitterness than you would think based on the nose.  Bitterness lingers a bit but finishes clean.  Good enough for me to have another.  The 7% ABV ain’t bad either.


Chasing Mosaic

Citrusy fruit on the nose. Flavors of stonefruit, melon and citrus. Mild bitterness that finishes clean. All that and 6.4% ABV.


Thorn St. Pine Hallows

A tasty 7% ABV west coast IPA from Thorn Street Brewing. Piney and resinous, nice hop bitterness with clean finish.


The Incredible Honk

Looks like my favorite morning breakfast beverage with a flavor almost like fresh-squeezed with pulp-like substances added. no pulp-like substances and slight less opaque. Not familar with gooseberry smell or flavor. Smells like tart fruit with notes of pineapple and citrus. Flavor is juicy with notes of passion fruit and citrus. With the exception […]


Pure West

A delish 6.5% ABV west coast IPA. Piney and resinous, crisp dry finish…damn good.