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Fresh Squeezed in front of a fire

Damn it’s hot. 98° and 4% humidity. This calls for a Fresh Squeezed IPA from Deschutes. With…

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IPA from Brouwerij Strubbe

So this is what it’s like when Belgians make an IPA. Kinda funky. No hops. Hmmm.

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Jacuzzi Bound with Two Hearted Ale

A very enjoyable IPA from Bell’s Brewery, Comstock, MI.  Thank you to Julie at PubQuest for the…

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Dogfish Head American Beauty

Very tasty IPA, but it doesn’t taste like the 9% ABV that it says in the beer…

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God Damn Anniversary IPA

her…”Hey, what do you want to have next?”   me…” Let’s try that new ‘God Damn Anniversary IPA’…

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Alesmith Brewing

Many to enjoy here to.  The IPA on nitro was tasty.  And you can’t go wrong with…

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St Archer IPA

Saint Archer is a fairly new brewery here in San Diego. From what I’ve heard it was…

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Firestone Walker IPA and IronFist Renegade Blonde

Whilst waiting for yummies at Promiscuous Fork.

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The Pupil at Societe Brewing

Best way to get a bunch of engineers out of the office to look at a new…

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Beer:30 – Time for Resin

I can’t imagine the discomfort of smuggling this small can via one’s rectum just to avoid airport…