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Head Banger

… you know that shit can’t be good for your brain. A fun song and a 4.7%…

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U Beer

A 4.5% larger brewed by Singha that I thought was too sweet. No worry about a hang…

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…Leo in an Alley

Ok…more a narrow one-way street than an alley. At 90+ degrees and 90+% relative humidity, these 5%…

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The Second Day of Christmas

I found a bottle of 2014 Lazy Marmot Maibock from Grand Teton Brewing in the fridge.

Xingu Black Beer
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Xingu Black Beer

This one is from Brazil’s Cervejaria Sul Brasileira. It pours nice and dark and has some malty,…

Gösser beer
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Gösser Beer

A really light lager form what I’m told is one of Austria’s largest and best known breweries,…

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Goldstar Dark Lager

My oldest daughter sent me some beers from around the world (“you drink too much of that…

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Have a Bati while you wait

Yes, we’ve had a lot of adventures lately, plus the Real Ale Fest starts tomorrow so we’ll…

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The Session #25: Dirty Secrets

It’s Session #25 (#thesession) and we’re supposed to give a little love to the lager in our…