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Head Banger

… you know that shit can’t be good for your brain. A fun song and a 4.7% generic lager from Amplified Ale Works.


U Beer

A 4.5% larger brewed by Singha that I thought was too sweet. No worry about a hang over? Wonder how that works? Maybe cuz one won’t want to drink it…or is it more a guarantee you will get one. Like, don’t worry, you’ll get it. Hmmm.


…Leo in an Alley

Ok…more a narrow one-way street than an alley. At 90+ degrees and 90+% relative humidity, these 5% lagers are quite nice. Drink fast, or the beer gets warm.


Xingu Black Beer

This one is from Brazil’s Cervejaria Sul Brasileira. It pours nice and dark and has some malty, chocolatey aromas. The flavor, however, is like fake cocoa and ground up drywall mixed with sawdust. There’s also an off flavor in there that I can quite put my finger on, but it’s not good. I know they […]


Gösser Beer

A really light lager form what I’m told is one of Austria’s largest and best known breweries, Brauerei Göss. Lots of biscuity, bready malt with just a little hop character. Exactly what I’d expect for that region of Europe. Probably super refreshing on a hot, muggy central European day.


Goldstar Dark Lager

My oldest daughter sent me some beers from around the world (“you drink too much of that San Diego beer daddy) for Father’s Day. Figured I’d start in the Middle East and work my way west from there. This one is Goldstar, a dark lager from Tempo Beverage in Netanya, Israel (40% owned by Heineken). […]


Have a Bati while you wait

Yes, we’ve had a lot of adventures lately, plus the Real Ale Fest starts tomorrow so we’ll have a lot more. While I sort through what I’m going to post I want to share with you the beer I’m having right now: A Bati Beer from Kombolcha Brewery in Ethiopia. Some of our friends picked […]


The Session #25: Dirty Secrets

It’s Session #25 (#thesession) and we’re supposed to give a little love to the lager in our life. I survived last night’s Hopocalyse at Churchills and my body is having a hell of a time climbing out of a hole I dug with at least five or six double IPAs (great, IPAs I might add). […]