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Nectar of the Bine

A yummy DDH IPA from North Park Beer and Moksa Brewing. Clocking in at a respectable 8.5% ABV.


Diamond Lightning

A yummy DDH DIPA from NPBC. Silky-soft mouth-feel with juicy hop flavors and low bitterness.


North Park Beer Co.

When the brewery chooses not to offer tasters it is often not easy to choose just one. Fortunately NPBC does offer half pours..still not easy to commit. Still…being on a bike with 15+ miles to go to get home, I feel fortunate I was with friends which allowed me to share. Clickwise…starting at 12 Tikicito, […]


Art is Hard

You can say that again… try riding a bike along the boardwalk, dodging folks and dogs, whilest enjoying a beverage and taking a photo…all for the sake of art.


X-Raying Flowers

Look what was found in the back of the beer drawer. Held up well from a canning date of 19 Aug 2020.


Scolari’s West Coast Double IPA

Not sure how long this has been in the beer drawer. I’m sure the hops have mellowed a bit, but still quite nice. Nose was a mix floral and pine, which followed through on taste. Nice hop bitterness that lingered just long enough to encourage another sip. Would not have guessed 8.5% ABV.


Mosaic Robot Fighter

The nose is a rush of sweet juicy citrus. Super soft mouth-feel with notes of tropical fruit. Nice balance where it doesn’t taste sweet but also very low bitterness. 6.7% ABV. Well done.


Stay Hazy…San Diego

A nice 4.8% ABV session IPA made in the DDH hazy style by the fine folks at North Park Beer Co. Nice grapefruit notes.



North Park Beer Co’s 4th anniversary beer is a super juicy hazy triple IPA with nice notes of pineapple and mango.  Though you can smell the alcohol I would not have guessed 10% ABV. It’s like a prize for being good today.


Hop Fu!

It’s been a while since my last Hop Fu! Worked for me…pale malt body, piney and resinous hop flavors, with a dry finish with lingering butter. Yep…drank it and liked it. Could use another if’n we didn’t buy just one..