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Phuture III

10% TDH Hazy TIPA collaboration from North Park, Pure Project and Harland.  Snif, snif….tropical notes of melon…

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Good Ole West

That’ll do.

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The World

First tomorrow, next The World. Triple Dry Hop The World, that is. Whoa, that’s darn good. After…

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Nectar of the Bine

A yummy DDH IPA from North Park Beer and Moksa Brewing. Clocking in at a respectable 8.5%…

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Diamond Lightning

A yummy DDH DIPA from NPBC. Silky-soft mouth-feel with juicy hop flavors and low bitterness.

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North Park Beer Co.

When the brewery chooses not to offer tasters it is often not easy to choose just one….

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Art is Hard

You can say that again… try riding a bike along the boardwalk, dodging folks and dogs, whilest…

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X-Raying Flowers

Look what was found in the back of the beer drawer. Held up well from a canning…

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Scolari’s West Coast Double IPA

Not sure how long this has been in the beer drawer. I’m sure the hops have mellowed…

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Mosaic Robot Fighter

The nose is a rush of sweet juicy citrus. Super soft mouth-feel with notes of tropical fruit….