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It’s a Celebration…

.fresh hop IPA…good times! much fun as one can have making carcass water. Very much like batch this year. Maybe it’s the can.



Some 6% ABV hydration after a quick mow. I enjoyed it. Plenty of citrus forward hop characteristics on the nose and tastebuds. Some nice hop bitterness up front, that follows through…but miraculous, like poof, is gone once you swallow. Sierra Nevada are damn magicians. Now you taste it, now you don’t. I can see that […]


Harvest Wild Hop IPA

From Sierra Nevada, this last of their 2014 five batch Harvest series features the wild hop Neomexicanus.   First time I tried was on draft and it had the unmistakable scent of marijuana.  And not just a little like it…a lot like it.  With the bottle I didn’t get that at all… just the great wet […]