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A can of Stone Ruination beer on a cutting board next to a glass full of the beer
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Stone Ruination circa 2023

Stone Ruination IPA circa December 2023

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Stone 25th Anniversary Triple IPA

Tastes exactly like it smells. Piney and resinous over a sweet malt base. Long hop finish. All…

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Enjoy By 09.06.21

The rare occurrence of me enjoying before the enjoy by date. Yup… that’s her Pogo Stick Whip…

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Old beer & homework…

Not really old, but past the date imprinted on the bottle. Kinda forgot this was in the…

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Enjoy-By 4-20 on 4-25

We buy more beer in a week than is safe to consume in a week. So I’m…

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Tiki Escape IPA

Body and bitterness is not so different from other Stone IPA’s, but this had some unexpected notes…

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Neverending Haze IPA

Nice piney and resinous nose, unfortunately the flavor doesn’t follow thru. A bit watery. Could be that…

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Enjoy by 01-01-20

A tad late on this one…more dry than most January’s delayed consumption of a few. This 9.4%…

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9.4% ABV Enjoy-By today IPA. Not quite as spooky when it’s still light out, but worked just…

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Not too surprising…

…to find that Stone Brewings 23rd anniversary beer is an IPA. I’m sure the words on the…