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Stone 25th Anniversary Triple IPA

Tastes exactly like it smells. Piney and resinous over a sweet malt base. Long hop finish. All that wrapped up in a 12.5% ABV solution.


Enjoy By 09.06.21

The rare occurrence of me enjoying before the enjoy by date. Yup… that’s her Pogo Stick Whip in the background.


Old beer & homework…

Not really old, but past the date imprinted on the bottle. Kinda forgot this was in the fridge. Happy with it even though old and snuck it past the beer police.


Enjoy-By 4-20 on 4-25

We buy more beer in a week than is safe to consume in a week. So I’m not too surprised to find this in the fridge 5 days past the enjoy-by date. Piney and resinous with pronounced bitterness and lingering dry finish. Hazy in an unfiltered way not in the NE style way. All that […]


Tiki Escape IPA

Body and bitterness is not so different from other Stone IPA’s, but this had some unexpected notes of tropical fruit. More on the nose, but definitely there.


Neverending Haze IPA

Nice piney and resinous nose, unfortunately the flavor doesn’t follow thru. A bit watery. Could be that I chose poorly to try after a full flavored, 7.5% ABV, west-coast IPA. I really should have a drinking plan establish before I start, instead of fumbling through it as I do. But…at 4% ABV, you can almost […]


Enjoy by 01-01-20

A tad late on this one…more dry than most January’s delayed consumption of a few. This 9.4% ABV unfiltered IPA sat a bit longer and poured quite clear. Notes of melon and citrus with pronounced lingering hop bitterness.



9.4% ABV Enjoy-By today IPA. Not quite as spooky when it’s still light out, but worked just fine.


Not too surprising…

…to find that Stone Brewings 23rd anniversary beer is an IPA. I’m sure the words on the back of the bottle would tell the story of the “uncanny anni”, but don’t want to dig into the recycle bin, and, truth be told…I don’t really care. The beer itself is ok. Resinous hoppy nose, malty base […]


Revengeful Spirit IIPA

Stone Brewing’s 8.1% ABV imperial IPA made with pineapple and mandarin orange. Fruity up front, somewhat sweet while in my mouth and with just enough lingering hop finish to encourage another sip. Whoa… that was gone fast… who drank my beer?