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A late Enjoy By

Partially obscured by some other promising options, it was noticed a tad late. Not quite as devistatingly fresh as it could have been, but pretty good.


Enjoy By Memorial Day 2017

Possibly not as devistatingly fresh as it could have been had I drank the day I got it, but still pretty darn tasty.  Plus it’s got that 9.4% ABV thing going for it.


Tangerine Express IPA

I’ve not been a big fan of a good IPA but with added fruit.  Sometimes interested in tasting it, but nothing I see more than just trying…and maybe that’s their marketing plan.  If everyone buys just one once…. Pleasantly surprised that I’m enjoying this one.  A 6.4% ABV beverage with a sweet fruit/citrus nose, nice […]


Enjoy By 11.25.16

Uh Oh Ho Ho…a tad late on this one. Lucky the Stone Police didn’t come take it from the fridge drawer.


Enjoy by 10.31.16

Lots of good, and very little bad, packed into this tiny bottle of bitter beer.  I feel that with every sip I’m reducing my chances of getting scurvy.


Citracado IPA

Stone’s 20th Anniversary beer has resinous and dank hop flavors with lingering bitterness long after you’ve swallowed, or spit it out… if’n that’s your thing.   No malty sweetness that you can find in some higher gravity IPA.  This one’s clocking in at a respectable 9% ABV. It’s working for me at the moment. 



A 7.3% ABV red IPA from Stone Brewing.  Reminds me of a rye IPA.  Decent, but nothing great.