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Enjoy By 11.25.16

Uh Oh Ho Ho…a tad late on this one. Lucky the Stone Police didn’t come take it from the fridge drawer.


Enjoy by 10.31.16

Lots of good, and very little bad, packed into this tiny bottle of bitter beer.  I feel that with every sip I’m reducing my chances of getting scurvy.


Citracado IPA

Stone’s 20th Anniversary beer has resinous and dank hop flavors with lingering bitterness long after you’ve swallowed, or spit it out… if’n that’s your thing.   No malty sweetness that you can find in some higher gravity IPA.  This one’s clocking in at a respectable 9% ABV. It’s working for me at the moment. 



A 7.3% ABV red IPA from Stone Brewing.  Reminds me of a rye IPA.  Decent, but nothing great.


Baby Xocoveza

8.1% ABV Xocoveza for the holidays and the new year packaged in recyclable 12oz serving vessles…and per the label, now to be an annual release.   Cheers to Chris Banker. 


Enjoy By 10.31.15

Pushed to the back, it was forgotten or overlooked until now.  Only a tad late though.


Vertical Epic 08-08-08

I like this re-release of their original Belgian-inspired IPA.   I think it tastes like I remember, but that was a lot of beers ago. I also enjoyed Your Father Smelt of Elderberries, a strong ale which, I would assume was made with elderberries, but couldn’t really tell by the taste.


Enjoy by Now

Picked up this morning.  Took a few hours to chill.   Poured into a pool-safe drinking vessle.  Very pleased sitting by the pool, with book and Enjoy By 07-04-15 IPA right now.