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The Cuir at Voce del Mare

Greatly enjoyed our BYOB of “The Cuir”, one of our favorites from The Bruery, with our delicious Italian dinner for Adam’s birthday! Cheers!


Bruery Flight at BLAH

Burly Gourd, Oude Tart, Loakal Red, Birra Blasta, Snicklefritz, and 4 Calling Birds at Blind Lady Ale House. All great! Wished we had gone for the Rue lunch tasting where patrons were surprised with bonus Black Tuesday and Wanderer! Next year!


Grey Monday on a Sunny Tuesday

While in Long Beach, saw a Beachwood BBQ (Seal Beach) tweet that Grey Monday on cask from The Bruery was just tapped, so we headed that way. Per their tweet, Grey Monday is Black Tuesday with hazelnuts. Yummy! Served in a port glass, and tasted more like port wine than beer! Delicious! They also had […]


The Bruery – 1st Stop on Santa Barbara Beer Adventure

Our first time “in” The Bruery… closed last trip. Tried Rub-A-Dub Dubbel, Birra Blasta, Humulus Lager, Black Orchard, Oude Tart, Bedazzled, Humulus Wet, 714, Hottenroth, and Loakal Red; and, we have souvenir glasses to show for it! A Cuir to go…


The Cuir from The Bruery

We recently brought a bottle of The Cuir from The Bruery to enjoy with dinner at the local Italian restaurant… No corkage fee since it was beer, not wine. Aged in bourbon barrels and 14.5%, what’s the difference?? Well, we like beer better! This was one of my favorite beers of the year!


The Bruery Autumn Maple

Sharing a bottle before heading down to wander 30th on 30th.  10%abv helps, but it is too sweet for my taste.


A few beers found in the back of the fridge

If your refrigerator is like mine, there is beer in it.  You can’t see all the beer due to there being beers in front of other beers…not a bad thing…but you often don’t fully know your beer inventory at a given moment.  While rummaging around in search of something to quench my thirst…I stumbled across […]