My Beer Pix

A visual tribute to beer and the people who love it.

A few beers found in the back of the fridge


If your refrigerator is like mine, there is beer in it.  You can’t see all the beer due to there being beers in front of other beers…not a bad thing…but you often don’t fully know your beer inventory at a given moment.  While rummaging around in search of something to quench my thirst…I stumbled across a few old ones close to being expired…possibly rancid.  I took it upon myself to drink them to save others from the horror of an expired beer.  Yep….taking one for the team you might say.

The Bruery's - Black Orchard

Started with a The Bruery’s Black Orchard.  What they describe as a black wheat ale.   Not certain I tasted “freshly baked cake”…but I’m also not certain I want that in my beer…

Port Brewing - Midnight Sessions

Then found an even older beer; Port Brewing’s Midnight Sessions…something I had not seen since childhood…ok…maybe that was a slight exaggeration..but not since early this year at least.  I have heard a batch will be out again soon….

So, what do you think ?