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Santo Ron Diego

Pulled a beer from the fridge door that’s been sitting for a while to share.  Nice carbonation with more oak characteristics and slightly lighter body than I recall originally.  Deceptively smooth for 12.5% ABV.


2007 Cable Car

Originally brewed to celebrate Toronado SF 20th Anniversary, and only made available at Toronado, I was fortunate to be given a few bottles.   Going on 9 years in the bottle and still quite spectacular.  A wonderful blend of tart, mildly sweet fruit and oak flavors, with a smooth finish.


Lost Abbey Agave Maria Ale

Aged in tequila barrels.  It has a familiar sweetness up front followed by a wood flavor.  The 13.5% ABV is noticeable but not really apparent as being tequila and has a slight black pepper finish.   Very nice.


Saint’s Devotion

This beer was original availble only to the “Saint’s”, The Lost Abbey’s now defunct annual beer club of sorts. If you were not a saint, or a good friend of a saint, you may have been lucky enough to taste one of the vintage bottles that the brewery made available to the public a few […]


The Lost Abbey Track 6

Glad there were still bottles available this week! Love this delicious 14.3% ABV blend of Bourbon Barrel-aged Angel’s Share and Brandy Barrel-aged Serpent’s Stout! Hope my lucky ticket is drawn for a chance to obtain a full set of Tracks!


$8 Pint of Bourbon Angels Share

Another place you would not expect it… The High Dive…yep..just pulling stuff from our backsides.  Dropped in minutes before closing..and drank it waaaay too fast…jeez.


A few beers found in the back of the fridge

If your refrigerator is like mine, there is beer in it.  You can’t see all the beer due to there being beers in front of other beers…not a bad thing…but you often don’t fully know your beer inventory at a given moment.  While rummaging around in search of something to quench my thirst…I stumbled across […]