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Pure Project 10.5% Triple IPA

Found a nice surprise in the back of the beer drawer. No date so not sure how…

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Triple Play

All the crap you could get from the pic..30 IBU, 10% ABV, triple IPA from Strike Brewing….

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Stone 25th Anniversary Triple IPA

Tastes exactly like it smells. Piney and resinous over a sweet malt base. Long hop finish. All…

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Triple Cone

Yup… it’s a big’n. Piney, resinous, boozy, with lingering hop bitterness…everything a growing boy, or girl, needs.

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Lupus Salictarius

A delish 10.5% triple IPA collaboration from the minds of Equilibrium Brewing and Mortalis Brewing. Tropical fruits…

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The Mountains are Calling

Whoa… …a delish 13% ABV triple IPA with great hop flavors, supersoft mouthfeel and almost no bitterness….

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North Park Beer Co’s 4th anniversary beer is a super juicy hazy triple IPA with nice notes…

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What else?…the Logical Choice

Of all the beers in the fridge, this was the logical choice. A balanced 10% ABV triple…

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Strata Blaster Triple IPA

Finding some treasures as I get toward the bottom of the beer drawer. Our last can of…

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Caught in a Rip

A delish 11.5% IPA from the fine folks at Rip Current Brewing. Though a bit sweet on…