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Something to sip while starting carnitas. Quite good…and exactly one louder.


Triple Dry Hyped

A delish 10.5% ABV hazy triple IPA from the fine folks at Pure Project. At only 50 IBU it finishes a bit sweeter than I prefer, but I’m suffering through it just fine.


(Morning) Hop Nookie

Who wouldn’t want a little nookie in the morning? By little, I mean a 10oz pour. And nookie is Hop Nookie, an 11% ABV triple IPA from Kern River Brewing. Dank, piney and resinous…mmm.


3-Degrees of Celebration 

The snifter of 10.5% triple IPA for me, and the big-boy glass of G.F.B. blonde ale for the lady.  



Piney n resinous, and a bit more sessionable at 8.5% ABV, compared to the first batch at 13+%ABV. 



The 12.3% ABV triple IPA from Hess Brewing is quite nice.  No underlying sweetness in the base, just great hop flavors..which only linger on the pallet a short time urging you to take another sip.   I had a bottle couple months ago and enjoyed, but I think I like this bottle that’s been on […]