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Beer Molly is a hottie


For all you Beer aficionados (that’s French for drunken slob) who think that a girl who likes her beer has to look like Rosie O’Donnell, think again.

Beer Molly is a hottie. (Even though my camera phone sucks)
Beer Molly is a hottie
And I get to drink with her all the time. Hope to see you in the pub boys.


  1. hostofseraphim

    A cold glass of beer is ALWAYS appropriate when a hot dish is being served (or serving)!

    LOVE the site Beer Molly and All Powerful Oz (“Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!”)It’s fun and edumacational!

    Cheers! May your mugs go golden!!


  2. George

    Molly, if you know her sure is hot.
    Of course, that is not all she’s got!!
    Let me say I don’t know where to start:
    Like, for instance, her warm and gentle heart!
    Yet that’s just one part of a wonderous lot!!



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