Stopped for a pint and to see friends

We’ve been in LA all day and decided to take a break at Pizza Port in San Clemente with a couple of friends who live there (San Clemente, not Pizza Port).


Like all of the Pizza Ports, they carry some standards and then a few of their own specialties. Among my favs is the Pier Rat Porter, while Beer Buddy (hophead that he is) really likes the Doheny Double IPA.


BB describes the beer as really hoppy but well-matched with a big malty profile as well. He says it’s a lot like Stone Brewing Company’s Ruination, both in flavor and it’s high ABV. He and Trixie drink this stuff the same way most people eat Lay’s potato chips (you’ve can’t have just one), so I’m sure I’ll be driving us home tonight. Trix’s husband, G-Love, and I will still with the Pier Rat.

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