Lost Abbey Issues Ten Commandments Dark Farmhouse Ale

Lost Abbey Anniversary Release Ten Commandments Dark Farmhouse Belgian AlePort / Lost Abbey Brewing Company formally released it’s first anniversary beer — Ten Commandments, a Belgian-style Dark Farmhouse Ale brewed with raisins, fresh rosemary, organic honey, and then bottled with a secondary wild yeast.

From head brewer Tomme Arthur’s quote in Lost Abbey’s news release:

“I’ve always been inspired by the unpredictability and artistic style of Belgian ales like Fantôme’s Black Ghost… Using mercurial yeast like Brettanomyces in combination with raisins, herbs and honey delivers a pleasant, full-bodied profile and mélange of flavors unlike any other beer.”

I tasted this beer at Lost Abbey’s First Anniversary party last Saturday, and I can tell you that it is gooooood. (As are most all of Tomme’s releases.) Unfortunately, the brewery only produced 280 cases of Ten Commandments this year, so wide distribution is unlikely. I do think, however, that you will be able to order it directly from the brewery (as long as supplies last that is.)

To read the full press release and get a look at the bottle in all it’s glory, Click Here.

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