The ultimate guide to buying her a drink

The continental — style and sophisticationObviously you are a person of sophistication and taste. You are witty and charming. Rico and suave. You enjoy a well-poured glass of Duvel Golden Ale the same way The Continental enjoys a glass of fine champanya.

Yet despite the fact that you literally ooze style and confidence, you simply can’t bring yourself to offer to buy that pretty vixen at the end of the bar a drink.

Obviously she is very attracted to you (as are most women). Obviously she wants you to buy her a drink.

But what if she tests you with coy objections and petty rejections?

Not to fear my friend. There is a cheat sheet:

» A visual guide to getting to buy her a drink

Author: Sage
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3 thoughts on “The ultimate guide to buying her a drink

  1. While that is both informative and funny, I must say that I will never be buying “her” a Heineken. And if she asks for one I’ll throw up on her and scurry out like a muskrat.

  2. Well first we must consider that the ad was done by some kid in a Miami ad school. Heineken there may well be the equivalent of ground rhino horn and Spanish fly in a green glass.

    Second, my policy has alway been “whatever gets the job done.” If that’s Dutch corn liquor, then I’m putting on my wooden shoes and running for the nearest 7-11 with a windmill.

    :: S

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