San Diego Pub Crawl This Weekend

Churchill’s Pub & Grille - San Marcos, Calif.I know, our postings have been a little slow the past couple of weeks. I’ve been really busy with the summer rush here at the Mercantile, and Sage has a new contract with a security software company that’s kept him from doing much of anything other than… well, actually, I don’t know what it is he does. Something with computers and Internets.

Anyway, this weekend we’ll be going Churchill’s Pub & Grille‘s annual Pub Crawl around San Diego. It’s my first pub crawl (well, first pub crawl actually sponsored by someone other than myself), so I’m really excited.

There’s a couple of buses, all my (rowdy) friends are going, and Churchill’s owner, Ivan Derezin, has promised that we’re going to hit all the best beer spots in the county. (And anyone who knows San Diego county knows that when you roll up all the best beer spots into a single trip you’ve got a real event.)

I’ll have my nifty new cameraphone in tow and will be blogging live from wherever we are. So if you’ve always wanted to check out San Diego’s best brews, but didn’t know where to start, I think this will be a great way to learn.

(Important gir sidenote — I’ve got my outfit already picked out — a new, really cute green and white floral Dirndl!)

The pub crawl starts Saturday, July 14 at 9 am and runs until… until we get back (if we get back). So make sure to check in a couple of times during the day to see what we’re up to!

(And don’t hold the horrible spelling against me. It’s hard enough to type on a phone nevermind type on a phone after a few pints.)


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